How can I afford a Catholic education?  In this economy where there are many choices and limited financial resources, the answer to this question becomes critical.

Epiphany Cathedral School takes the responsibility of caring and nurturing your children very seriously.  Our promise is to offer excellent academic programs that will ensure the best educational investment you can make for your children. Teaching Catholic religion and inspiring the development of our faith is not a value-added service but rather it is a foundation that is imbedded in all the class work, athletic competition and social interactions at the school.

We understand that an investment in a quality education can be a sacrifice for some families.  It is the attitude of the Diocese of Venice and the Sarasota County Catholic Churches that every child should have the opportunity to benefit from a Catholic education.  In this light, tuition assistance scholarships, installment payments and funding from the Epiphany Foundation have substantially contributed to making the cost of attending Epiphany Cathedral School reasonable and attainable.  In this way, families can achieve the goal of offering the best education to their children.


Tuition covers most of the cost of educating your child.  However, tuition alone cannot cover all expenses; therefore parent must meet other financial requirements such as fees and fundraising.

Registration fees are non-refundable.


Registration Fees


Student Support Fees include the textbook rental fee, supply fee, technology fee, standardized testing fee, diocesan student insurance fee, handbook fee, lab fees, and enrollment fees.  Graduation fee included in registration.


Financial Assistance

As part of our efforts to ensure a Catholic education for students. Epiphany Cathedral School was able to provide more than $30,000.00 in financial aid to families in need during the 2015-2016 school year.  During the upcoming school year, we plan not only to continue this financial support but also increase the amount of aid.  This fixed amount is reserved primarily for families with a genuine financial burden.  Those families blessed with the ability to pay tuition are encouraged to do so in order to provide greater assistance to those who cannot.  Financial assistance is available to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Payment Plans

To assist families, a variety of payment arrangements an be made to pay tuition:

One payment- Families able to pay their tuition in one payment can do so directly to the school.  Installments- Families wishing to pay tuition over two, four, or ten payments can arrange through the FACTS Management Company for an automatic installment plan, available for a nominal processing fee.  To apply for this arrangement, a FACTS form must be filled out. 

VPK Certificate may apply

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