Performing Arts

Dear Parents,

Epiphany Cathedral School and Venice Theatre proudly announce the Epiphany at Venice Theater Program.

Epiphany students will have a unique opportunity to register for a new performing arts program. This program will be offered thru our middle school elective courses.

The multidisciplinary program is designed for students of all ability levels who share in a love for the performing arts. It will offer young artists, actors, directors, playwrights and music students classes in developing methods and exploring artistic skills. The program will allow young students to experience a variety of music, art and theatre skills without competition or pressure. This student experience in the Performing Arts Program will come alive in a final stage production on Venice Theater's Main stage.

This program will be offered to interested 6th and 7th graders for the last quarter. Students interested must fill out the attached preference sheet, have parent permission, and good standings in academics and behavior. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.


Students at Epiphany have a unique opportunity to participate in a theatre arts program. The multidisciplinary program is designed for students of all ability levels who would like the opportunity to experience the theatre arts. It offers ECS students the chance to learn about how a theatre works and exposes them to everything from lighting and sound to acting and dance. The student experience culminates in a fully mounted performance on VT's MainStage theatre.

The student involved in theatre arts learns problem solving and communication skills, How to think on their feet and teamwork. Theatre arts students develop their imagination and can figure out how to fit a round hole in a square peg which is exactly the type of skills that our future leaders and explorers need.

The arts are fundamental to human development. ECS gives their students the opportunity to be all that they can be, because they commit to educating the whole student.



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